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We are passionate about education.

We believe that learning should be inspirational and accessible for all. We believe that when the right technology is placed in the hands of a knowledgable and confident teacher learning can be revolutionised for the 21st century. We are an Apple Authorised Solution Expert for Education, with 25 years of experience in delivering learning solutions. Our team of Teachers, Apple Education Trainers and dedicated Education Specialists understand curriculum, pedagogy, and ICT. We believe that Apple Mac and iPad can make a major difference to the educational outcomes that schools and colleges deliver.

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We specialise in tailoring setups to suit your needs. Get in touch with one of our Education specialists to see how we can provide a soloution that best suits you.

Your complete solution.

We are with you at every step of the journey to the classroom of the future. What starts as an initial class set may develop into multiple sets spread across key stages or curriculum areas, or even a full 1:1 device programme. Whatever happens we will be with you every step of the way, to ensure your solution is future proof and continues to bring you success year on year.

Safe Environments

Safe Environments

We understand that safety and security are one of the most important considerations for any school. The same goes for technology within the classroom. You need a solution that gives you control over the security and restrictions being placed on the devices, and also the peace of mind that inappropriate material or apps are not making their way into your environment.

Safe Environment in action

Highlights Include:

  • Control all of your devices from a single easy to use website.
  • Install apps easily without having to attend to each and every device.
  • Saves time for the school.
  • Locate any devices that may have been lost.
  • Apply restrictions when you feel necessary.
  • Control the layout of the screen and find apps easily.
  • Give access to the Teacher to view and lead the class.
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Keep Track of all devices

From one single portal you can easily control settings, apps and restrictions on each of your devices - saving time for you and your team.

Apply Settings and Restrictions

Easily apply settings that will support your students needs or restrictions on downloading and installing apps.

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View and Lead the Class

By linking with your Apple School Manager, this tool is a fantastic classroom management tool, allowing teachers to provide guided activities for personalised learning ensuring everyone is on track.

Professional Development

Professional Development

Our team of Teachers, Apple Professional Learning Specialists and dedicated Education Specialists understand that curriculum and pedagogy come first in any decision to introduce technology into the classroom. They work with you to customise a road map for your success and help you to shape what great learning looks like in a classroom with Apple technology. This is not just about functional training, this is about helping your school to realise your full potential in using technology alongside the demands of curricula and your school vision. Every schools journey is different and our team are committed to being with you every step of the way.

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Inspire & Engage

Working with your teachers in either group or 1 to 1, we don't just train - we coach and mentor your team so that they can fully embrace technology into their specific classrooms.

Competence & Confidence

We deeply believe that confidence is as vital as competence to the success   of iPad integration. Our programmes focus on skills, curriculum integration and encourage creativity.

Teacher demonstrating iPad feature to student
Apple Professional Development in action

Apple Professional Development

All of our courses are bespoke. Designed after consultation with your leadership team. We work with you to realise your vision and coach your team to build their skills. Our team of Apple Professional Learning Specialists have years of experience working in classrooms themselves.

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Genie Solutions

We understand that schools have limited budgets and lots of items on their wish list to consider. Our Genie plan is a unique subscription model allowing you to pay a fixed fee over a period of 3 years. Allowing you to spread out the cost. After 3 years, you can decide to renew and refresh your subscription and replace the devices with the latest model.

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Spread the Cost

Reduce strain on your cash flow and realise the full potential of your annual budget.

Always Current

At the end of your subscription, you can continue with renewed devices, ensuring you stay up to date with the latest technology.

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Fast & Affordable

Our partners have years of experience and offer fast approval processes to ensure you can get back to focusing on great teaching and learning.

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Hardware Solutions

We are Education Experts. The hardware solutions we recommend come from years of experience in classrooms and sharing in the great success of our schools.

Professional Development Pathway
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The new iPad is perfect for schools. With even more performance, support for Apple Pencil, the latest iOS and augmented reality experiences. Featuring a Multi-touch Retina display, fast wireless, front and back cameras, and a 10-hour battery. Student creativity and expression come to life on iPad with apps like Clips, Swift Playgrounds and GarageBand.

Rugged Case

Our Education Success Team only suggest rugged cases that withstand the most challenging of environments.

iPad rugged case
iPad charge caddy

Charge Caddy

Our education success team work with you to offer a Charging caddy that works for your enviromnment. Top Tip: If you use our Safe Enviroment Solution you can save substantially on not having to get a Charge and Sync Trolley. 

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We specialise in tailoring setups to suit your needs. Get in touch with one of our Education specialists to see how we can provide a soloution that best suits you.